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New! Lightweight Portable 1200 Amp Industrial Stud Welder is Easy to Use and Transport


The Workhorse family of Arc Welders
ARCON Welding offers a series of Workhorse portable arc welders optimized to be the most rugged and reliable STICK Welders, TIG Welders, MIG welders, and Stud welders on the market.
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300 Amp Stick Welder / TIG welder
300 Amp Arc Starter TIG welder
300 Amp TIG welder for Robotics
300 Amp MIG Welder / Stick Welder
1200 Amp Stud Welder
300 Amp Stick Welder for 700V DC input power
New Welders:
Same Rugged Performance!

Combined Welder / Pre-Heater:

The Workhorse 300SH is a highly portable, lightweight, dual function Welder and Pre-Heater power supply in one, weighing only 80 Lbs (37kg).

As a pre-heater, the 300SH works with 2,3 or 4 standard heat mats which can be of the 60V, 70V or 80V type. The maximum output power of the pre-heater is 8 kW. The heating process is controlled by a built in controller with settings for temperature, ramp and soak.  A built-in output from the K-type thermocouple provides for an optional temperature recorder.

As a welder, the 300SH works in Stick, Lift Start TIG and Flux-Cored MIG processes with a max current of 400 Amp and the same specifications as ARCON's standard Workhorse 300S.

Please call or email us for more information.
410-572-6000 - sales@arconweld.com

The Studhorse 1000DM:

The newly introduced Studhorse 1000DM is a portable stud welder (80 Lbs.) capable of welding up to 5/8" (16mm) full base studs with a welding current capacity of up to 1000 amps. This is a budget priced lower current version of our run-away success stud welder: Studhorse 1200DM.

The Workhorse: 
The most rugged welder ever built.

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The only portable constant power
welding machine on the market.

What are the advantages of
welding with Constant Power?

True to the name, The Workhorse series of portable Arc Welders is designed for what is most important for a welding professional's daily "companion": Ruggedness, Reliability and Smooth Welding characteristics.

Here is how it is done:

Ruggedness: By using a Fiber Glass case we have a portable welder that can withstand everyday handling in rough environments such as construction, shipyards, oil rigs, power plants and mines. (Read our War Stories)

Reliability: We have chosen a simple and straightforward SCR-based inverter welder design that has proven itself over a long time in 100,000+ arc welders.

We stayed with this technology because of clear indications of higher reliability compared to other power semiconductors such as IGBTs.

We also have an extensive over-voltage and voltage spike protection that will handle the rough electric environment of many work sites.

Furthermore, we have a 5-zone over-temperature control circuit in our arc welders. This means that should the welding machine be used out of specification, such as by shorting the output for a long time, or being used for arc gouging at 400 Amps for a prolonged period of time, the machine shuts itself off instead of getting destroyed. (Learn more...)

We recommend single input voltage welders (240V, 400V, 480V and 575V) and we offer dual voltage models for professional welders that need the flexibility to use either 240V or 480V power.
Our welders are designed for operation down to 40 Hz, which means that even a heavily overloaded generator will not affect the welders operation.
Corrosion Resistance: All welders shipped after June 15, 2005 include Seahorse protection to withstand corrosion in natural environments such as those found in shipyards, power plants, offshore oil rigs and in mines. Our process is based on experiences of 1,000+ welders used on the oil rigs in the North Sea. Arcon guarantees all models against corrosion-related failures for five-years.
Smooth Welding: Instead of making compromises needed to make a "jack of all trades" welder, we have selected combinations that can be optimized for the smoothest welding characteristics. We currently offer models for Stick/Lift Start TIG welding and MIG/Stick welding, a Capacitor discharge Arc Starter TIG/Stick welding machine and an 80 Lbs Stud Welder capable of welding 5/8" (16mm) studs.
Our Stick/TIG welder together with a voltage sensing wire feeder is also an excellent MIG welder in spray mode for all kinds of material including aluminum and stainless steel.
We have several testimonials from highly qualified welders certifying that the welding characteristics are "the best in the market"


As part of the Workhorse family we also offer welders optimized for extreme environments:
The Warhorse: These 400V and 480V welders are designed and built for an environment where extreme electrical conditions such as spikes and continuous over-voltages can be detrimental to the average welding machine. 
The Ironhorse: This is a DC input welder powered by 600-800V DC taken from the third rail or catenary overhead in a Subway or Light Rail application. 
The Packhorse: For bigger jobs at construction sites, in shipyards, in mines etc we offer the welders in a rugged rack mount. We offer our welders in 4-, 6- and 8-packs. 

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