The Toughest Welders
    on the Planet.
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Rugged & Reliable Welders for Harsh Work Environments

Arcon Welding offers the Workhorse series of portable arc welders optimized to be the most rugged and reliable STICK Welders, TIG Welders, MIG welders, and Stud welders on the market. True to the name, the Workhorse series of portable Arc Welders is designed for what is most important for a welding professional's daily "companion": Ruggedness, Reliability and Smooth Welding characteristics.

Main Features of our Welders

  • Ruggedness: Our Fiberglass case is lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Reliability: Our SCR-based inverter welder design has a proven track record of over 100,000+ arc welders
  • Extensive over-voltage and voltage spike protection is ready to handle the rough electric environment of your work site
  • Multi-zone, over-temperature control circuits protect your welder with an auto shut off feature
  • Our unique corrosion protection processes guard electronic components, even in the harshest environments

Arcon Welding Equipment Provides the Best Warranty in the Industry!

All Workhorse / Studhorse welders shipped after May 1, 2016 will be covered by Arcon's industry leading FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY.

Plus: our exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY against any corrosion related failure.

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Rugged Design

The Workhorse - toughest welder!

Unique reasons why we call The Workhorse the “Toughest Welder on the Planet”:
SCR based inverter technology
Three stage input voltage surge protection
Multi-zone over-temperature protection
 Extremely strong fiberglass composite case
 Shock absorbing chassis
Extensive Anti corrosion treatment



Built in the USA with Pride

Build in the USA

At Arcon’s Salisbury, Maryland facility all of the following production phases are completed in-house:
Research & development, design and engineering
 Component / sub-assembly manufacturing
 Start-to-finish welding machine assembly
Quality assurance testing
Circuit electrical & endurance testing 
Operational weld testing 

Excellent Welding Characteristics

Welding Arc

The arc is what sets Arcon apart. Welders love our arc. The original Arcon design uses an arc dynamic that is described as "Constant Power".  With Constant Power, changing the arc length will raise or lower the voltage, with a corresponding change in the amperage to maintain constant wattage, or power. The HEAT stays the same, but the operator quickly learns he can control penetration by changing the arc length.