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Arcon Welding Equipment

Arcon Welding Equipment, LLC was founded in December, 1999 by Gunnar Ennerfelt and Goran Hedberg. Their goal was to build a welder that was unique in design and construction, with the primary aim of building the most rugged welder possible for tough industries such as Gas and Oil, Construction, Shipbuilding, Mining, Power and Chemical Plants. 

Goran was the co-inventor of the inverter-based welding power supply in the late 70’s and designed the welder that became known in the United States as POWCON.  He designed the Workhorse series of welders for Arcon Welding Equipment.

Gunnar brings his many years of manufacturing experience to Arcon, being the founder and owner of Toroid Corporation of Maryland, a manufacturer of a wide range of transformers and related products.

Family Owned & Operated in Salisbury, MD

Arcon Welding Equipment, LLC continues today as a family owned and operated manufacturer of portable welding machines, located in Salisbury, Maryland, USA.

Since our first shipment in 2000, Arcon’s name has become synonymous with toughness and reliability. Arcon uses a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) to act as a High Speed Switch that in combination with the input rectifier and appropriate control circuitry, step up the frequency of the incoming primary power, nominally 50 or 60 Hertz, to a range from 4000 to 8000 Hertz – an arrangement commonly called an “Inverter Welding Power Supply”. The SCR is a very rugged switching device, a monolithic wafer of silicon, doped on one side to allow flow of current when a gate voltage is applied, thus acting as a switch.

Most (all, to our knowledge) competitive machines use either an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, (IGBT) or a Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) to “switch” or invert the power. The circuit diagram is very similar for all inverters, BUT, the IGBT or MOSFET has hundreds of thousands of tiny, microscopic switches chemically etched in a wafer of silicon much the same size as the one in the SCR, which has ONE switch. These thousands of switches, arranged in parallel, are vulnerable to the inevitable spikes found in the rugged environments where welders are often used, and fail at a much higher rate than SCR switches. The result is ultimately a "low cost of ownership" for the Arcon Workhorse welders, using the SCR design.

Arcon uses a tough fiberglass reinforced case, which provides sturdier resistance to impact than a sheet metal case, and is completely resistant to corrosion and rust and is also an excellent insulator. All electronic components are mounted on an internal membrane and no air from the “fan on demand” is directed over the electronics. The “magnetic” components – the transformer and inductors, plus the SCRs and output rectifier are directly in the air stream, for maximum cooling efficiency. This arrangement minimizes damage to the more delicate electronics, and Arcon’s special anti-corrosion treatments applied during assembly enable Arcon to offer a Lifetime Warranty against corrosion from salt-air and high humidity as often encountered in shipyards and construction.

The original Arcon design is unique in having Constant Power output, rather than Constant Current or Constant Voltage found in the competition.  

Constant Power maintains a constant heat output regardless of the arc fluctuation which is particularly beneficial when TIG welding pipe, or when welding on very thin material, but which is also a very noticeable improvement with all types of stick electrodes, as well.

In early 2016 Arcon released its newest model, the Workhorse 300SMT. This new model incorporates all of the rugged design aspects of the Workhorse models into a fully Pre-settable, CC / CV, multi-process machine that excels in all of the manual welding processes; Stick / MIG / TIG / & Flux Core.

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All Arcon Workhorse & Studhorse welders are built with pride, in the USA  Authorized vendor for: