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Management Team

Arcon Welding LLC was founded In 1999 with the mission to develop the most rugged and reliable portable welding machines in the industry.
We believe that we have succeeded and have been providing our uniquely rugged Workhorse and Studhorse welders, to satisfied customers, worldwide for over 15 years.

Katarina Ennerfelt

In 2010, Katarina Ennerfelt took over as President & CEO of Arcon Welding. Katarina brings with her 30 years of management, economics and engineering experience.

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Maggie Porter

Maggie Porter joined Arcon in 2000 as Sales Manager. Now serving as VP of Sales, Maggie has a 25 year background in public relations and sales. Born and educated in England, Maggie's dedication and commitment to Arcon customers, combined with her love of selling, makes her a valuable member of the Arcon team.

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Mike Bell

Mike Bell has been part of the Arcon team since 2001. With an Electronics Engineering Degree and 15+ years of experience, Mike has been involved in Arcon's Engineering Department since 2006. Mike is also responsible for Technical and Sales Support.

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Gunnar EnnerfeltGunnar Ennerfelt, is the founder and co-owner of Arcon Welding Equipment. He pioneered the toroidal transformer in the United States when he moved from his native Sweden and started Toroid Corp., which provides toroidal auxiliary transformers for all Arcon welders. 

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Ming Xu who has a B.Sc from the University of Maryland has been responsible for engineering in our sister company Toroid Corporation for over 20 years.
Ming consults regularly with Arcon in development of products and processes.

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Teresa Williams started with  Arcon's sister company Toroid in 2005 and brings with her close to 30 years of manufacturing, production, inventory and sales experience.. After spending 15 years with Toroid, Teresa began her second stint with Arcon Welding in 2019.

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Goran Hedberg, together with Gunnar Ennerfelt founded Arcon Welding Equipment in 1999. After returning to Sweden, Goran worked as a technical consultant for the Arcon Workhorse  line of Welding Power Supplies. Goran was the co-inventor of the inverter based welding power supply in the late 70s and designed the welder that became known in the United States as Powcon. Based on this know-how he designed the Workhorse series of welders for Arcon Welding Equipment.