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I want to let you and your company know that the Arcon Workhorse 12 bank that we use at our training facility is the best I've seen. The ruggedness of the design allows the students to beat on them all day without any problems from the machines. The Arcon Workhorse units have the most power, versatility and operate on half the amps of any of our existing 8 banks.

If our students can't break them, professionals in the field will have no problems!

Congratulations on a superb product!

Lonnie Smith
Safety Star Industrial, INC.
Nederland TX

Arcon has been making an updated Powcon type inverter for 9 years. If you know about Powcons, you will love Arcon. They have added 5 zones of thermal protection. The arc is smoother than the Powcon. And they last like Powcons. I still find Powcons welding like the day they bought it. The SCR controlled inverter is almost bulletproof. If you have a customer with dirty power, and they want an inverter, give us a chance, I have demo equipment and would be glad to let them try it for a couple of weeks. Please take a second to look at their website It has one of the smoothest arc on Aluminum I have seen.

Best Regards,
Advanced Welding Sales
Kevin Reed

We purchased a 1200 amp machine, the Arcon Studhorse 1200, with the intention of using it strictly for shooting 1/2 inch button lock studs which we use for hanging scaffolding. We soon found out this was the only machine that the prepainted surfaces on our units did not have to be "prepped";we were saving time and material by not having to drag a buckeye grinder around to bare the paint, thereby insuring a good ground bond between the stud and the steel. The stud horse requires no such prep work, therefore eliminating wasted time and material on the jobsite.We have since added a standard stud gun to test the feasibility of using it also to shoot studs- our guys don't want to useanything else!

I know that word of mouth is the best salesman (except for Maggie), so if anyone has any questions as to reliability and dependibility of this product,feel free to contact me at"

Pat Morgan
Maint. Electrical foreman
Bender Shipbuilding and Repair
Mobile, Al.

A repair that came into my shop recently was an ARCON Workhorse welder that had been accidentally dropped 25 feet (8 meter) from the side of a ship down onto the dock. The welder continued to function. After a couple of days it was noticed that the welder overheated under high load. This was caused by a bent back panel that stopped the fan from turning. After fitting in a new back panel and replacing the fan blade, the welder worked like new.

Steve Mattson
Mattson Repair Service, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

I can recommend The Workhorse welder to my colleagues in the tunnelling industry."

Richard Dotson
Equipment Superintendent
Traylor-Jay Dee
Detroit, Michigan

With over 20 years of experience with welders used in the underground mining and aggregate industries, both in sales and service, we believe the ARCON Workhorse 575V is the most reliable inverter welder on the market today.

Joe Perhac
Logi-Tec, Inc.

One of our rental welders, an ARCON Workhorse 300S, recently had something very heavy fall on top of it, and it came away unscathed. I do not think any other portable welder would have survived this treatment. The reason it survived must have been its solid fiberglass case and solid mechanical design! The Workhorse welders really stand up to the tough rental environment.

Ronnie Howard
National Rentals and Repair
Charlotte, NC
Tel: 704 596.9430

The Workhorse line definitely lives up to the manufacturer's claim as being the most rugged and reliable inverter welder on themarket today. Instead of paying for repairs, my satisfied customers buy more Workhorse welders. They keep on working.

Bill Strate
Strate Welding
Jacksonville, FL