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Heavy Industrial

WHY the Arcon Inverters are the IDEAL WELDER for HEAVY INDUSTRY:

  • 400 amps @ 30% Duty Cycle
  • 80 lb FIBERGLASS CASE – no rust-out, no corrode-out, easily portable and very impact resistant
  • Welds with ALL commercial Electrodes, including 5P
  • LIFT-ARC TIG Built-in
  •  Flux-Cored Wire Welding – gas or self shielding
  •  Arc gouging capability
  • Sips electricity: 12 KW at FULL RATED LOAD
  • Corrosion Protection Built-in – 5 YEAR WARRANTY against CORROSION DAMAGE
  • The ARC is like no other. Constant Power = Constant Heat. Operator can vary penetration by varying ARC LENGTH, HEAT stays the same.
  • Six Pack draws only 72 KW at FULL RATED LOAD
  • Available 2, 4, 6, 8 packs – ALL draw little power.
  • All other inverters on the market use a device called an IGBT to “invert” the power – speed up the cycles so the size and the current draw can be reduced. The IGBT is a Silicon Wafer with thousands of transistors etched on it in parallel, which make it more susceptible to failure. Arcon welders use an SCR device, ONE wafer, ONE connection, which has proven to be 100 times more reliable than an IGBT.