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Light Rail & Subway

Railway Workers using the Ironhorse welder
Railway Workers using the Ironhorse Welder

WHY the Arcon Ironhorse inverter is the IDEAL WELDER for Light Rail & Subway:

  • The Arcon Ironhorse Stick welder is the first welding machine designed specifically for the subway and commuter train industry
  • This rugged 300 Amp Stick-welder gets its supply power from either the "third-rail" or the overhead catanary cable.
    Utilizing the DC voltage up to 800 Volts, it is ideally suited for train tunnels where AC power is not available. 
  • This welder also features a "safety yellow" fiberglass reinforced plastic case with extra thick skids on the bottom - the very features demanded by subway systems like the New York City and Chicago Transit Authorities for safety.
  • This welder has all of the same features and benefits as our standard AC powered Workhorse welders.