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The Ironhorse 300S 700V DC

A 300 Amp Stick/TIG-welding machine designed to run off the "third-rail" DC voltage up to 800 Volts, and is ideally suited for light rail and subway train tunnels where AC power is not available and fumes from generator welders may be hazardous. The unit has optional clamps for connecting to the Third-Rail power.

 Carrying on in the great railroad tradition from where it gets its name, the ARCON Ironhorse Stickweld is the first machine for the subway and Commuter train industry manufactured and marketed exclusively by a welding power supply company.

This rugged 300 Amp Stick-welding machine will run off the "third-rail" DC voltage up to 800 Volts, and is ideally suited for train tunnels where AC power is not available. 

Third Rail DC Ironhorse Welder
It also features a "safety yellow" fiberglass reinforced plastic case with extra thick skids on the bottom - the very features demanded by subway systems like the New York City Transit Authority for safety.

The Ironhorse operating system is based on the same reliable technology that has been tested and proved in more than 100,000 welding machines around the world.  This SCR inverter design allows for an industrial duty welding machine weighing only 79lbs/36kgs.

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Features of the Ironhorse 300S 700V DC

  • Stick welding with current 10 - 400 Amperes in 2 ranges
  • Input power - 500 to 800 Volts direct current (DC)
  • Easy to strike the arc
  • Carbon arc gauging protection. (Circuit design that eliminates the harmful currents caused when arc gauging)
  • Constant-arc-power characteristic means less dependence on a steady hand to achieve a good weld and reduces risk for electrode "sticking"
  • Corrosion Resistance: All Arcon welders include our unique "Seahorse" protection to withstand corrosion in natural environments such as those found in shipyards, power plants, offshore oil rigs and in mines. Our process is based on experiences of thousands of welders used on the oil rigs in the North Sea. Arcon guarantees all models against corrosion-related failures for five-years.
  • Unique surge control reduces weld puddle agitation caused by big drops from low hydrogen electrodes, eliminating a major cause of slag inclusions in the weld.
  • Inverter circuitry allows for low weight (79 lbs) and rugged design.
  • Fiberglass enclosure allows for the rough handling in demanding environments like construction sites, shipyards and oil fields.
  • The fan is electronically controlled and does not run when welding below 100 A and stops 10 minutes after the welding has stopped.
  • The case has extra thick "skids" on the bottom case for protection.
  • Foldable handles and built-in grooves, as well as ridges in the case, makes nesting of units easy and practical.
  • The welder is protected from voltage surges on the input up to 1000 Ws and 40,000 Amps.

As a member of The Workhorse family of inverter type welders, The Ironhorse offers the following new and unique features, not available on other brands:

Constant Arc Power (CP). With this unique feature, there is less dependency on the operator's ability to hold the tip of the electrode at a constant distance from the base metal. In other words, the CP feature compensates for an unsteady hand. With this feature, The Ironhorse is easier to master than conventional Constant Current (CC) machines and enables the average welder to become more skilled. Its user-friendly CP feature will help you complete the job in less time without sacrificing workmanship quality.

The Ironhorse, A Portable DC Inverter Welder Arc Force Control (AFC) allows the operator to adjust the current surge when a droplet shorts the arc. AFC drastically reduces slag inclusions.

Input Voltage Compensation (IVC) will provide steady output voltage when the input voltage fluctuates with, for example, the starting and stopping of trains.

Voltage Spike Protection. (VSP) The Ironhorse has a built-in VSP to handle surges up to 40,000 Amps. Such Input voltage spikes are caused by surges from either generators or utility power lines.

Rugged, Very Reliable Power Supply Design. The Ironhorse operating system is based on the same reliable technology that has been tested and proved in more than 100,000 welding machines around the world. Field data statistics has proven the SCR design to be100 times more durable for this type of application than the IGBT semiconductor used in competing brands.

Welding, Safety, Warranty and Service:
The welding units are designed to meet UL551 and the CE requirements.
The units come with a factory warranty and user manual.
Service will be taken care of by the factory or can in many cases be performed locally by your service authorized Distributor.

Product Specifications

What is unique about The Ironhorse, 300-Amp Stick/TIG welder, is its ability to run off the DC power of the third rail or overhead catenary systems between 500 and 800 Volts DC. The 80lb (36.3Kg) Ironhorse is ideally suited for tunnels where AC primary power is not readily available, and provides subway and commuter systems with alternatives to using generators, thermite, or to powering down. In addition, The Ironhorse may provide a healthier and safer alternative to those options currently available. The Ironhorse also features a "safety yellow" fiberglass case with extra thick drag skids. These are just two of the features specifically recognized by New York City Transit Authority.


Rated Welding Current (AMPS) 60% Duty Cycle Welding Amp Range Open Circuit Voltage Imput Amperes at Rated Load Output DC KW Eff. Dimensions Weight
500V 600V 700V Net Ship
500 to
400A @ 29%
300A @ 60%
250A @ 100%

Range 1
10A - 180A

Range 2
30A - 400A

80 max 28 23 20 12.05 79.60% Height: 17.9"
(45.5 cm)

Width: 10.5"
(26.7 cm)

Depth: 19.5"
(49.5 cm)
75 lbs.
(34.0 kg.)
80 lbs.
(36.3 kg)



Pricing & Options

 Description Model No.   MSRP 
Ironhorse 300S - 500-800VDC Powered welder for subway & light rail repair.
Includes: 25-ft. "Y" power cable with 3rd rail clamp and ground clamp.                                                         
010350-006            $6500        
 Optional: Catenary pole assembly, for overhead power connection. add  $1500
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