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The Workhorse Model-300SMP: Pulse-MIG/MIG/Stick Welder, 30-400Amps

By definition, a "WORKHORSE" is : "A markedly useful or durable machine"...... Webster Dictionary

True to its name, the portable Workhorse MIGweld 300SMP is an extremely rugged, multi-process Pulse-MIG/MIG/Stick welding machine, weighing approximately 80lbs/36.3Kgs, and designed specifically for the industrial market. The design of this machine employs proven electrical and mechanical technologies which results in a “no-nonsense”, cost-effective welder where usability, reliability and ruggedness are the most important design parameters.

The electric circuitry, which utilizes SCR's, is based on principles that over the years have proven their functionality and reliability in the over 100,000 welding machines sold and used around the world.

The fiberglass composite case also provides unique benefits over the sheet metal and thermoplastic cases used in most competing products.  

                        300SMP Welder Power Supply                 WP310-002 MIG Pro Package with Cart  


The Arcon Workhorse 300SMP Pulsed MIG welder utilizes our latest technology to provide the user with an easy-to-use MIG welder with the following benefits:

Pulsed MIG
Pulsed MIG is an advanced form of welding that reduces operating cost and improves quality and efficiency, while providing a safer and healthier work environment for the operator.  The Pulsed MIG process runs at a lower “Background” current, forming a small droplet at the end of the wire.  At the appropriate time, a pulse of higher “Peak” current is sent through the wire, which pushes the droplet through the arc and into the weld puddle without the wire ever touching the puddle.  The lower Background current reduces overall heat, which allows for welding on thin materials without burn-through.  Because the higher Peak current is only used when needed, the power consumption of the welder is reduced, improving efficiency.  Pulsed MIG is a no-contact process, which means there is no spatter because the wire never touches the weld puddle.  No spatter means less clean-up time, which improves productivity.

Reduced Operating Costs
Pulsed MIG machines widen the operating range of each wire diameter allowing, for example, a .045” wire to be used in applications where .035” or .052” would otherwise be required.  Likewise, the same shielding gas can be used in a wider range of applications.  The ability to use a single wire type and shielding gas for multiple applications lowers operating costs by reducing wire, consumables (tips, liners, etc.), and shielding gas inventory, as well as reducing setup time. 

Improved Quality and Productivity
Pulsed MIG allows for precise heat control, which generates less distortion and improves the overall quality and appearance of the weld.  This is especially true for alloys that are very sensitive to heat, such as stainless steel and nickel alloys.  Because Pulsed MIG produces less spatter than the conventional MIG process, the wire is used more efficiently, and less clean-up is required, improving productivity.  Pulsed MIG also improves productivity by allowing for high wire deposition rates.

Ease of use and improved working conditions
The Workhorse 300SMP was designed with simplicity in mind.  Simple controls allow for easy setup, which allows for quicker setup times and less training.  No built-in programs are used, allowing the operator to quickly and easily make fine-tuning adjustments without having to search through programs or setup menus.  Because Pulsed MIG produces less spatter and fumes, operators can work in a safer, healthier environment, and spend more time “under the hood.”

The wide range of applications, improved quality and efficiency, and reduced operating costs of the Pulsed MIG process, coupled with the rugged and durable design of the Workhorse make the Workhorse 300SMP an option that should not be overlooked.

  • MIG/Stick welding current from 30 - 400 Amperes in 2 ranges.
  • Available in Arcon's "Flexi-volt" model which operates between 240V & 480V, single or 3-phase, using an auto sensing circuit. 
    Also available in single voltage models; 240V, 480V, 575V and 400V
  • Carbon arc gouging protection. (Circuit design that eliminates the harmful currents caused during arc gouging has been added)
  • Constant-arc-power characteristic means less dependence on a steady hand to achieve a good weld and reduces risk for electrode “sticking”
  • The MIGweld 300SMP can be used for MIG short arc with puddle control, MIG spray transfer, Stick welding and air carbon arc gouging.
  • The MIGweld 300SMP is equipped with arc force control for stick welding
  • Smart surge control reduces weld puddle agitation caused by big drops from low hydrogen electrodes, eliminating a major cause of slag inclusions in the weld.
  • Corrosion Resistance: All Arcon welders include Seahorse protection to withstand corrosion in natural environments such as those found in shipyards, power plants, offshore oil rigs and in mines. Our process is based on experiences of 1,000's of welders used on the oil rigs in the North Sea. Arcon guarantees all models against corrosion-related failures for the life of the equipment.
  • Inverter circuitry allows for low weight (80lbs/36.3Kg) and rugged design.
  • Fiberglass enclosure allows for rough handling in demanding environments like construction sites, shipyards and offshore oil rigs.
  • The case has extra thick “skids” on the bottom case as part of the design allowing for the welder to be easily dragged on almost any surface.
  • Foldable handles with built-in grooves, as well as ridges in the case, makes nesting of units easy and practical.
  • Units can be connected in parallel for high current applications.

    The Workhorse provides exceptional ruggedness and durability in demanding environments such as construction, shipbuilding and offshore welding. The case is made from durable fiberglass-reinforced Thermoset Polyester, which provides sturdier resistance to dents and forces than a sheet metal case.


    The Workhorse uses an SCR inverter design for its power supply. The inverter design allows for an industrial welding machine weighing only 79lbs/36kgs. We have chosen the proven SCR component instead of the IGBT to increase reliability. Indications from the market show that SCRs are historically more reliable in welding applications.

    Smart Hot Start

    This feature brings the puddle temperature up quickly for good initial penetration. The amount of Hot Start required is dependent on the weld puddle temperature. The Workhorse measures the time in between welds. The longer the period between stopping and starting, the greater the Hot Start current. If the arc is broken for less than a second, the Hot Start is eliminated. This prevents the puddle from overheating and the weld burning through.

    Arc Force

    This allows the operator to adjust the current surge which results when a drop shorts the arc.

    Safety, Warranty and Service

    The welding units are designed to meet UL551 and CE requirements.

    All Workhorse welding power supplies come with an industry-leading 5-Year Factory Warranty.

    Service will be handled by your local Service Authorized Distributor, or directly by our Factory in Salisbury, MD.

    The Workhorse 300SMP is an extremely rugged Pulse-MIG/MIG/Stick welding machine, weighing approximately 80lbs/36.3Kgs, and designed specifically for the industrial market. The underlying design concept was to employ proven electrical and mechanical technologies and build a "no-nonsense", cost-effective machine where usability, reliability and ruggedness are the most important design parameters. 

    Product Specifications:


    Rated Welding Current (AMPS) @ Duty Cycle Welding Amp Range Open Circuit Voltage Imput Amperes at Rated Load Output 50/60 Hz KVA
    Eff. Dimensions Weight
    240V 480V 400V 575V Net Ship
    Three Phase 400A @29%
    300A @60%
    250A @100%

    Range 1
    30A - 180A

    Range 2
    80A - 400A

    80 Max 37 25 20 18



    79.60% Height: 17.9"
    (45.5 cm)

    Width: 10.5"
    (26.7 cm)

    Depth: 19.5"
    (49.5 cm)
    80 lbs.
    (36.3 kg.)
    85 lbs.
    (38.6 kg)
    Single Phase 200A @100%
    45 NA NA NA NA NA
    *240V/480V Dual Voltage, & 240V, 400V, 480V & 575V SINGLE VOLTAGE
    Maximum output will be decreased when operating on 208 Volts AC.

    Pricing & Packages

    List Prices for Power Sources:
    Model Description Model No. MSRP

    Workhorse model 300SMP ~ Pulse-MIG welder models:    
    Workhorse 300SMP 400V, with digital meter 010311-001 $4945
    Workhorse 300SMP 480V, with digital meter  010311-002 $4945
    Workhorse 300SMP 240V, with digital meter   010311-003  $4945
    Workhorse 300SMP 575V, with digital meter   010311-005 $5253 
    Workhorse 300SMP Flexi-volt, (208-480V) with digital meter   010311-007  $5400
    Note: For "Warhorse" voltage spike protection option; add:    $765 
    Option: Tweco or Camlock output jacks (Dinse is standard) ~ Please specify when ordering add $0
     All machine prices include FREE SHIPPING to any location within the continental United States!
     Does not apply to accessories and / or parts, when order separately.

    Welding Accessory PackageWP310-001 - MIG Welding Basic Package / Typically for Indoor Shop Use $1425
    Note:Add a 4-wheel equipment / cylinder cart to welder and accessory package ** Price only applicable when accessory package & cart are purchased with a welder. Otherwise; price for cart only, purchased separately is: $299.95 $200**
    • 2-Roll Wire Feeder / bench top
    • MIG Gun, 350A (Binzel type), 12'
    • Remote cable, 6’
    • Welding Interconnect cable, 6’ 1/0
    • Work cable w/ 300A clamp, 12’ 1/0
    • Gas regulator w/ flowtube & Gas hose, 6’

    Welding Accessory PackageWP310-002 - MIG Welding Pro Package/ Typically for Indoor Shop Use $1800
    Note:Add a 4-wheel equipment / cylinder cart to welder and accessory package ** Price only applicable when accessory package & cart are purchased with a welder. Otherwise; price for cart only, purchased separately is: $299.95 $200**
    • 4-Roll Wire Feeder / bench top
    • MIG Gun, 350A, (Binzel type), 12'
    • Remote cable, 15’
    • Welding Interconnect cable, 15’ 2/0
    • Work cable w/ 300A clamp, 15’ 2/0
    • Gas regulator w/ flowtube & Gas hose, 15’

    NEW ~ ~Mobile MIG Welding Accessory Package#WP310-003 - (Suitcase Type)
    (For: 8" Wire Spools)
    • Model # VS-8, 4-Roll Suitcase Type Wire Feeder/For: 8" wire spools (Dimensions: 18-1/4" L x 7" W x 14-1/2"H)
    • MIG Gun, 250 Amp, 15'
    • Work cable w/ 300A clamp, 15’ 1/0
    • Welding Interconnect cable, 15’ 1/0

    NEW ~ ~Mobile MIG Welding Accessory Package#WP310-004 - (Suitcase Type)
    (For: 12" Wire Spools)

    • Model # VS-12, 4-Roll Suitcase Type Wire Feeder/For: 12" wire spools (Dimensions: 23-3/4" L x 8-3/4" W x 16-1/2"H)
    • MIG Gun, 400 Amp, 15'
    • Work cable w/ 300A clamp, 15’ 2/0
    • Welding Interconnect cable, 15’ 2/0

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