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Studhorse 1200DM Stud Welding Ready-Pac

WP1200-012, 480V or WP1200-013, 240V


Studhorse (480V or 240V) Stud Welder with Stud Gun

This Package Includes:

Part Number Item         MSRP
101201-22 Studhorse 1200DM, 480V drawn arc stud welder
(or P/N 101201-23 for 240V)
WP1200-001 Medium Duty (1/4"-5/8") stud welding Accessory Package
  • Medium Duty stud gun (for up to 5/8" studs),
    set up for any one standard size stud specified.
  • Welding cable extension for stud gun, 32' (9.7m), 2/0
  • Remote cable extension for stud gun, 33' (10m)
    (Stud Gun Setup Instructions)
  • Work cable with heavy-duty C-clamp 33' (10m), 2/0

Total Value of Components (purchased separately) $9,295.00
  PACKAGE PRICE  $7,995.00* 


* This price includes delivery within the continental USA

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