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Workhorse 300SMT CC/CV: MIG Weld Ready-Pac


Arcon Workhorse 300SMT Welder

Workhorse 300SMT Welder Package with Bench-top MIG Accessories

(Need a portable, Voltage Sensing wire feeder package?)

This Package Includes:

Part Number Item MSRP
010340-007 Workhorse 300SMT Welder, Flexi-volt with digital meter
(Automatically adjusts to input voltage between 208V and 480V, single or 3-phase.)
WP310-002 MIG Welding Pro Accessory Package
  • 4-Roll wire feeder
  • Mig gun, 350A
  • Remote Cable, 15' (4.6m)
  • Welding Interconnect Cable, 15' (4.6m), 2/0
  • Work Cable with 300A clamp, 15' (4.6m), 2/0
  • Gas regulator with flowtube
  • Gas Hose, 15' (4.6m)
  • Equipment & Cylinder Cart

Total Value of Components (purchased separately) $6,848.00
  PACKAGE PRICE  $6,579.00*


* This price includes delivery within the continental USA

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