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Corrosion Resistant Welders


Arcon’s time-proven manufacturing process is utilized to protect electrical components that are prone to corrosion-related failure because of position or exposure. The process includes applying a compound containing cycloaliphatic-epoxides, tetramethylen-oxide and a cationic photo-initiator (commonly called conformal coating) to certain electrical components and printed circuit boards to ensure excellent weathering and superior protection against humidity, moisture, dust, fungus and other contaminants.

The corrosion protection process that protects all Workhorse machines was developed and tested on oil rigs in the North Sea decades ago. This high level of protection enhances reliability, prolongs component life and adds value to all of Arcon’s rugged line of portable welding power sources. Listed below are some of the steps Arcon Welding Equipment has taken to increase corrosion resistance in natural environments:

• Transformers, which are built in-house, are vacuum impregnated twice and dipped an additional time.

• Auxiliary transformer protected and coated to resist corrosion.

• Output board encapsulated in *repair-friendly material to eliminate the failures.

• Control board conformal coated to protect against salt-water arc over.

• Input board coated to protect components from corrosion.

• Resistors replaced with porcelain-coated ceramic resistors.

• Fan motor totally encapsulated winding coil to withstand corrosive conditions.

• Terminal screws coated to prevent electrical arc-overs.

*Note: Coatings used on circuit boards is not epoxy based to allow board repairs and/or components to be replaced. Other manufacturers use epoxy coatings that required expensive board replacement when components fail.

The corrosion protection option was made standard on June 15, 2005. Making this an Arcon standard now saves customers $575.00 for the protection and adds additional value to the machine. This anti-corrosion process comes with Arcon’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against corrosion-related electrical failure within natural operating environments. This warranty begins the day the machine is shipped from the factory. The guarantee does not apply to equipment used in man-made environments. These include those that produce chemical residue, dust or airborne debris of man-made substances, etc. 

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