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Compare the Cost of Ownership

The usual way to compare products includes a comparison of purchase price. We think that when it comes to industrial products, while cost is always a consideration, the Cost of Ownership over the lifespan of the product is a more important consideration. 

We have designed a Cost of Ownership Comparison Tool, which we invite you to download, that compares 2 welding machines with our estimated numbers for factors that impact the cost of ownership. This interactive comparison tool offers you the opportunity to change the numbers according to your estimations to get your own comparison between 2 different types of machines.

We have included these factors:

  • Purchase price
  • Product life span
  • Warranty
  • Failure frequency
  • Cost of repair (incl. freight, cost of rental replacement and repair time)


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We welcome any feedback on our assumptions and numbers.
This will help us improve this very important purchasing tool.